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24th Mar 2019 - Sunday Church Service Bangalore
The Piercing Word of God
"If we open ourselves to the voice of the Spirit in God's Word constantly, we will ultimately have a totally clean heart"
Knowing The Things That Make For Peace (Part 2)
Characteristics of Spirit-filled Service
"The most important thing about a servant is that he does just what his master tells him to"
Good And Bad Curiosity
Three Tests that Abraham Passed
"No-one can be approved of God who does not pass the test here"
Build your Home as a Sanctuary for God
God says "Let them make a place for Me to live"
A new series of 15-minute messages on the new covenant truths that the Lord wants us to experience in our lives and in our families –and not just understand them in our minds. Only thus will we be able to save our children from the corruption found
This World Is Not My Home