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Prayer is not only speaking to God but listening to Him as well. And listening is more important than speaking to Him. Consider: If you were speaking with an older and more godly person on the phone, you would listen much more than you speak. So, must it be in true prayer - you must listen to God much more than you speak to Him.

If you are very keen on doing something, you can easily deceive yourself that it is the will of God, by praying about it briefly just to ease your conscience, and then saying to yourself that you feel “at peace in your heart” about doing it - and go ahead and do it! That way you can miss the will of God completely. Remember: The more important the decision you have to make, the more you must wait on God before you act.

The flesh is basically lazy and pleasure-loving and comfort-loving. Don't be deceived by it. You must refuse the impressions that come to you through your senses, when seeking to find God's will. There is as much difference between your way of thinking and God's thoughts as there is between earth and heaven (Isa.55:8, 9). God's way of doing things is far higher than yours. That is why God wants you to submit to Him - to get His best.

You may not have much time to spend in prayer. But you must have the attitude of waiting on the Lord in making your decisions. And so, discipline yourself to spend a few minutes with God every day - preferably first thing in the morning. If that is not possible in the morning, then at some time during the day. Otherwise, the impressions that you get can lead you astray from God's will for your life.

God wants to communicate with you every day. This is the message that comes across from the first page of the Bible, where it says: “ On the first day, God spoke.... On the second day, God spoke.......On the third, ........fourth, ........fifth and sixth days, God spoke ”. Something happened each day when God spoke, and the final result was “ Very Good”. So, it can be with your life too, if you listen to God every day. Jesus said, “ Man shall live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matt.4:4). If you do not put God first in your life every day, it will be very easy to backslide.

By “hearing God”, I don't mean reading the Bible, but rather listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit within your conscience throughout the day, so that you do what pleases Him and avoid anything that displeases Him. God always wants to answer our prayers. But we must earnestly wait on Him for an answer. Sometimes His answer may be ''No.” Sometimes it may be “Wait”. Like the red, yellow, and green traffic lights, God's answer may be “No”, “Wait” or “Yes”.