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In Song of Solomon 1:5 - The bride says “"I am black but lovely.” What she meant was that although she was unattractive, yet her Bridegroom had chosen her. The Bible says that God has chosen the poor and the foolish of the world primarily, and not the mighty and the noble and the clever (1 Corinthians 1:26-29). Some of us may perhaps feel like that, “"I am not capable like other people. I am not intelligent. I can't speak like others. I am so limited in my abilities."” Yet the Lord has chosen us! There were prettier women in Jerusalem. But the Bridegroom chose this black one.

Jesus does that, because He looks for qualities of the heart and not for appearance, gift or capabilities. We must learn something here. All our natural abilities, family background and accomplishments are not really of any value to God. It is a heart of devotion that He looks for. This is what the Lord seeks when He looks for someone to be His servant.

The bride knew that even though she was dark, she was beautiful in her Bridegroom's eyes. Many married women suffer because they don't feel that their husbands really accept them and rejoice in them. I rejoice in my wife. I hope all of you husbands also will do that. It's very important that your wife knows that you rejoice in her. In the same way, many believers don't realise that the Lord rejoices in them. Zephaniah 3:17 says, “"The Lord your God in your midst is mighty. He shouts over you with shouts of joy.” " God is very happy to have us as His children. Do you know that? We may be ugly in man's eyes, but we are beautiful in God's eyes. It is very important that we understand this clearly.

“"Don't look down on me, you beautiful, fair, city girls"” (Song of Solomon 1:6). She was an uncultured, village girl and the refined city-girls of Jerusalem looked down on her. But the Bridegroom ignored all the smart, charming, city girls and chose that village girl. That is how the Lord has chosen us. Praise the Lord for that! Are other believers looking down on you? Don't get discouraged, for you are precious to your Lord! Ezekiel 16 is a beautiful chapter that describes how God picked us up when we were filthy and rotten and neglected, lying helpless by the roadside.

In Song of Solomon 5:16 the Bride describes her Bridegroom as “"He is altogether lovely, He is my beloved and my friend.” Can you say that Jesus is not only your Saviour, but also your `Friend? Let Jesus be your closest and dearest Friend.