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God has promised to be an enemy to our enemies ( Exodus 23:22 ). In the old covenant Israel's enemies were all human. Today we have only Satan (and his evil spirits) and the lusts in our flesh as our enemies. We do not wrestle with flesh and blood ( Eph.6:12 ). If you decide never to fight with human beings, then alone will God fight for you. Remember that God is always on your side against Satan.

Satan was given permission to sift Peter, because God had such confidence in Peter and had a great ministry for him. But Jesus prayed for Peter that his faith would not fail, when he was being sifted. It is a great comfort to know that Jesus will be praying for you, whenever you are being sifted by Satan.

When a house is on fire, people will want to save the most valuable item inside that house. If there is a baby inside, the parents will want to save it and not the old newspapers. Even so, Jesus prayed that when Peter went through the fire, his faith would be saved. That was the most and only valuable thing. All the rest were like old newspapers - worthless.

Your faith must never fail when you are being sifted by Satan. If you have faith, then in the midst of the severest trial, you will confess: " My heavenly Father loves me intensely and He rules on earth and in heaven. Jesus Christ has defeated Satan on the cross. Satan is a liar and has no claim on my life. God is making everything work together for my good. " That is the confession of one whose faith has not failed. Jesus told Peter that after he was sifted, he would be converted and could then strengthen his brothers ( Luke.22:31 , 32 ). We cannot strengthen others if our faith fails when we are tested.

Jesus could do much with Peter because he did not get offended, even when he was called "Satan" ( Matt.16:2 3 ). But Jesus never prayed for Judas because he was offended by a small correction that Jesus gave him in Bethany (Read John.12:4 -8 coupled with Matt.26:8-15 ).

You must not be offended when the Lord corrects you. God has a great purpose to fulfil through each of you. The greater the purpose, the more God will allow you to be sifted by Satan. But you will come out as more than conquerors in every trial.