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In Hebrews 6:12 we read that it is only through faith and patience that we can inherit the promises. So faith alone is not enough. Hebrews 10:36 also says the same thing that you need patience after having done the will of God to inherit the promises of God. The NASB translates the word `patience' as `endurance' in the above verses - and that's what it really is.

We never have a complaint against anyone who causes us problems, because God makes all that others do to us to work for our good ( Rom.8:28 ). Romans 8:28 is like a water-filter. Whatever dirty water people may pour into it, the water that comes out is perfectly clean and pure at the outlet. Whatever people may do to us, good or bad - whether they praise us or curse us, whether they help us or harm us - if we believe in Romans 8:28 , what we get out of it will always be good! But we must believe. Faith is like putting on the switch for an electronic water-filter. It won't work without the current of faith passing through it.

The Hebrew word `revayyah' (meaning `fullness') occurs only twice in the Old Testament:

(1) Psa. 23:5 - "runneth over" (KJV), "overflows" (NASB)

(2) Psa. 66:12 - "wealthy place" (KJV), "abundance" (NASB)

Putting the two passages together, we get the following spiritual truth: After God anoints our heads with oil ( Psa.23:5 ), He brings us into the net (tight circumstances), lays an oppressive burden upon us (but not more than we can bear), makes men to ride over our heads, and takes us through fire and water ( Psa.66:11 , 12 ), and thus brings us to a place where our cups overflow ( Psa.66:12 with Psa.23:5 ). So between the anointing and the overflowing, there are many trials that we have to go through. Only then do we come to an overflowing life.

So whatever trial comes our way - whether caused by the mistakes of others or by the deliberate wickedness of evil men, or by what appears to be accidental - we can rejoice in all of them, because God will make those also all work for our good - that is, to make us more Christlike (as Romans 8:29 says).

Faith is a total confidence in God's wisdom, power and love - that not only allows such circumstances in our lives, but actually arranges and engineers them for our very best.