WFTW Body: 

God preserved my life when I was tossed from my moped onto the railway track one day in August, 1993. The person operating the railway-gate was a novice and lowered the second bar before I had crossed it and so it hit me on the chest and knocked me down. I lay on the railway track, unconscious for a while - I don't know for how long. Someone picked me up before any train came along. I now feel like one who has come back from the dead (for my fall could have been fatal).

It was a fresh reminder to me that I owe my life to God for the rest of my days. I cannot spend my time or energy or money as I like. I cannot read what I like. I cannot speak whatever I like. Everything has to be determined by what will glorify God. Such a life will not be a strain to live (as Satan would have us believe), but will be the most glorious life anyone could ever live - for that is how our Lord lived. You also have had experiences on the roads there when you could have had fatal accidents. But the angels of God protected you. So your debt to God is similar. Praise the Lord for preserving our lives. May we live as those who have been raised from the dead.

My hand and shoulder that were sprained after the accident, came 95% back to normal, within 3 weeks after the accident. That was a miracle, for which I thank God. One of the things that I learnt during those 3 weeks was not to take the ordinary things of life for granted - even the ability to raise my hands when praising God, which I could not do during those 3 weeks. For the first time in 54 years, I thanked God for the privilege of being able to raise both my hands when praising Him. Until then I had taken that action for granted. That made me thankful for the use of many other parts of my body as well - like my eyes, ears and tongue etc.

We must learn to be thankful to God for everything. Jonah's prayer while inside the fish's belly is most instructive (Jonah 2). Even though that was a cramped place, with the fish's stomach-acids falling on him, yet Jonah thanked the Lord for allowing him to be there. It was only when he began to thank the Lord, that the Lord commanded the fish to vomit Jonah out on to dry land (Read Jonah 2:9 , 10 carefully).

So don't ever complain about your house or food or circumstances. Be thankful. Many children are not thankful for their parents and their home, until they go out into the wide world and discover how tough life is. A spirit of thankfulness can deliver you from many prisons - as Jonah was delivered.