WFTW Body: 

Every step of your future life will be guided by God - if you decide to be a godly person. It is the one who honours God who gets the best in life - not the clever one, or the rich one, or the genius, or the one who gets lucky breaks in life. All insecurity regarding the future comes when we do not choose godliness as a way of life. So decide to honour God at all times. He will then give you the best spiritually, and at the same time, all that is necessary materially and physically in this world too. I have found this to be true during the last 50 years of my life. God will guide you in everything — from your college courses and in the profession that you should choose, to employment and in marriage later on — if you just make one decision now, and stand by it always: that you will honour God in all things and be a godly person.

That means to be faithful in the little things. Never take anything that doesn't belong to you - from a person or a house or a college or an office or from anywhere - not even a cheap pen or a pencil. Never cheat anyone even in the smallest of matters. And as we have taught you in your schooldays, never cheat even in the smallest way in your examinations. It is better to fail than to cheat and pass. It is better to be poor than to cheat and be rich. Stop reading literature and looking at TV programs that pollute your mind. Keep your conscience absolutely clear in all matters. Those who live like this get God's best in life - in every generation - even in times of high inflation and recession.

That doesn't mean that you never fall or fail. But you must mourn each time you fail. Even if you fail for the 1000th time in any area (whether spiritual or academic), you must just get up and continue running. You must not allow your past failures to haunt you. The fear of failure is a haunting fear that you must shake off. All you have to do is exercise your will and reject every thought of past failures, whenever they come to your mind. If you are faithful in doing this, you will find after some time, that such thoughts will occur only rarely - and finally stop altogether. This is what it means to bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor.10:5).

Thus, you can be a living demonstration to an unbelieving generation that it goes well with the righteous and that God honours those who honour Him. Yearn with all your heart that you will be such a living testimony for God in this world rather than impressing this world with your cleverness or your accomplishments. Be careful also that outdoor activities never take such a place in your life that they become your god!

It is God’s desire that your entire life proclaim the gospel of victory over sin and death to Self (by having experienced the reality of this yourself), and that you fulfil your God-appointed ministry in the Body of Christ (whatever that may be), while earning your own living with a secular job - serving the Lord like Paul did, at your own expense, without being dependent on anyone. This is what the world needs to see and this is my greatest longing for all of you. I know that only those who consistently seek the kingdom of God first and His righteousness first, will have no regrets when Jesus returns.