Gods Work Done In Gods Way

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Chapter 0
God’s Work Done In God’s Way

Christian Work Today versus the New Testament Standard

God's work today is not being done in the way that Jesus and the apostles did it. Money has become the most important factor in Christian work today. But money was never a factor for the Lord and His apostles.

Is it possible to do God's work today in the same way as it was done by Jesus and the apostles? The answer is YES. And Zac Poonen and his coworkers have proved that during the last 43 years.

Zac waited 43 years to write this book - since he did not want to write about unproven theories. What he learnt in these years about God's way of building new-covenant churches has made him a debtor (he says) to all believers, to share with them what God has taught him. This book is his effort to clear that debt.

This book is meant for all who have a passionate longing to walk as Jesus walked, to build godly families and to build new-covenant churches for the glory of God.

Chapter 1
Table Of Contents

  1. Christian Work – Then and Now
  2. The New-Covenant Pattern of Ministry
  3. The Principle of the Incarnation
  4. A Pure Testimony in Every Place
  5. A Religious Group or the Body of Christ
  6. A Leader Whom Others Can Follow
  7. Some Qualities of Good Leaders
  8. Our Responsibility as Leaders
  9. The Spiritual Authority of a Servant-Leader
  10. Serving God in Total Dependence on Him
  11. Spiritual Pride and God’s Approval
  12. Financial Matters in the Church
  13. True Prophets and False Prophets
  14. Preaching God’s Word in a Godly Way
  15. Why Leaders Fail
  16. Receiving Correction and Being Broken
  17. Overcoming Satan
  18. When Persecution Comes
  19. Fifty Marks of Godly Men
  20. The Rise and Fall of Spiritual Movements
  21. The Secret Thoughts of Hearts Revealed

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